Today Katie turned in her first big project of her elementary school career. She had to make a book of at least 10 jokes...complete with illustrations. She worked very hard on this over the last few weeks. She did some of the pages on the computer, and some of them by hand. Here are a couple of her computer illustrations. They are darling and I'm very proud of her hard work...with, seriously, almost ZERO help from me:

Ha! Ha! Ha!
That Was Funny.
By Katie Campbell

Why was the bacon laughing?

Because the egg cracked a yolk.

What do you get when you cross a duck with fireworks?
A firequacker.

Where does spaghetti go to dance?

The meat ball.

What did the hay stack say to the other hay stack?
Hay! Don't I know you?


Evie B. said...

She's a stud.

Mom said...

Way to go Katie. You can be the opeing comedy act for the band on the next road trip!!!

Jen and Marty said...

sooooo cute! :)

Jera said...

these are awesome. she's got some serious talent. thanks for sharing.

nita.armstrong@gmail.com said...

i want a copy of this joke book! love the disco meatball especially.

LTD in Las Vegas said...

Love them!!! (;