Miss Katie

Dear Miss Katie's Secret Admirer,

You are so cute and we just love you. Thank you for bringing Katie so many fun things over the last 10 days. What a pleasant surprise it's been for her to get some extra attention. I'm assuming whoever you are, that you know she's needed a lot of special attention lately. I'm happy to report that she's been doing fantastic! I was gone all last week, and she only had to have a lunch visit ONCE from grandma and was fine the rest of the week. She told me yesterday that she doesn't need any more lunch visits from me and I'm expecting she'll still feel that way tomorrow. I think she's felt extra love all around the last couple weeks, so Thank you, for contributing to that. I have a hunch or two who you might be, but I know you're not coming clean. And you have to know that out of everything fun in the world, Katie likes getting little presents most of all. She is a present/surprise kind of person all the way. So your show of love is right up her alley. Thank you. We love you.

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Anonymous said...

I think we all admire Katie in one way or another. Good job to who ever you are.