I Live In The "All Interpol, All The Time" World

24 more hours til the new release. I have to come clean and admit that for the past couple months I've been listening to a horrible quality, bootleg download that leaked somewhere. It is unmixed and sounds like crap. So much so, that I wasn't sure I was liking what I heard. I felt even more disappointed when I saw the video for Lights. I didn't like it. I was scared that my love affair with Interpol was going to be interrupted by this album. I didn't want to have to forgive them for it. My pessimism was furthered when I watched the performance of Barricade on Letterman last month. I love the song, but had to admit that there is a serious loss of mojo without Carlos. Paul was unshaven. He's been wearing trucker hats at shows. His voice wasn't sounding strong. I can only attribute this to what must have been a bad breakup with Helena Christensen. I was having serious Interpol anxiety. Then I saw this:

...and I knew everything was o.k. Yes, Paul looks like he's mourning and in pain, but you know, Helena. So, they're back. They're 100%. It's all good. And October shows are almost here. Rock on.

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Anonymous said...

Do I dare admit that I have no idea who Interpol is? Yikes!! I am assuming it is a music band. I am so not cool!!