I get really happy whenever I see this packaging:


Anonymous said...


Jera said...

This is great packaging. I think i would be happy too. Although, I'm not sure it's for the same reason.

Emilie and Branden said...

I love this packaging for many reasons...maybe the same as you, Jera. First of all, it's a BOX. Wrapped in PAPER. Not, plastic. The paper is white, but it reminds me of when things weren't packaged at all, but just wrapped in kraft paper. I love that the printing is one color, not rainbow and neon trying to grab your attention. The desing is old school, it reminds me of Charles S. Anderson designs, which I love. It's an old company, the printing makes it look so, and I like that. You can't see the company logo in this pic for D.D. Bean & Sons, but it's awesome. And the tag line: "Safe, handy, dependable lights" is so great. And all these matches are $0.99. I love it.