Thank You

One of you homies has been a sneaky secret Santa. Last week I got a tiny, unmarked envelope in the mail. Inside of it, there was a little, red, plastic card. This is the kind of card that you take into a store, pick out what you need/want, and it is already paid for by that little, plastic card. I recognize the address handwriting on the envelope, but am not totally sure who it is. So, I want to thank you publicly, sneaky homie, since I know you're not going to fess up. I love you.

And in case you were privy to the "holes in all my jeans" conversation, I want you to know that I bought jeans. And they're really awesome and I love them.

I have the best homies in the world.



Hey Internet, Animal is available for download
on iTunes as of TODAY, JAN. 26th

And the album, Habits, release date has been pushed up to
March 16th, so that's GOOD NEWS.


Catch Up

The last couple months are a blur. Here are a few highlights:


Neon Trees in LV at The Hard Rock:

And this girl was really digging it and it was cool, 'til there was some inappropriate touching involved...on her end of course.

And miracle of miracles, MANDY came to a show. And she brought Shea so that was extra awesome:

And they played with Nico Vega which was FANTASTIC. I want to trade singing voices with Aja:

NYC to see my boyfriend and my peeps:

I love Bdog's halo in this pic:

and his rock face in this pic:

Video shoot for 1983:

This is the place:

And finally, Andrea and Baylor's awesome wedding in D.C.:

There was so much grooving and sweet moves happening...it was mind-blowing:



In case you're not one of the 27,192 that have already ogled my boyfriend on YouTube (or Vevo...whatev) then here you go:

And here are a few show dates coming up:
Jan 14th - Mercury Lounge - NYC
Jan 15th - Velour 4th Ann. - Provo
Jan 20th - Spaceland (Club NME) w/Har Mar Superstar - L.A.
Jan 21st - Rickshaw Stop (PopScene) w/Har Mar... - San Francisco


Lovely Laura And Her Star Fingers

Remember this post? Well, that amazing Bad Paid For Photo made it all the way to Ellen. SO AWESOME! I love it so much. It makes me so happy to watch this. And I love Laura so much. She makes me so happy.


Happy Anniversary

You are cordially invited to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of
Velour Live Music Gallery



Friday, January 15th at 10 p.m.
135 N. University Ave.
Provo, Ut

Supporting cast: Seve vs. Evan; Location Location; Gypsy Cab

And for those of you who have been asking...
This is where you can get the new Tshirts
and the 5 song EP (which includes songs which
are not on the upcoming album; Habits)

neon trees at velour:


Neon Trees Single

Hey all you peeps that keep asking me "When can I get my hands on some NT tunes?" Well, you can pre-order the "Animal" single on Amazon.com now. It's a limited edition vinyl and it's awesome. You can listen to the single here



Ring Bling

Of all the nice things I got for Christmas, this might be my favorite thing to look at...


My Baby

Someone turns 7 today. *Sigh*