Napoleon's Bees

Last week Miss Katie and I went to D.I. for a spring cleaning drop off. She begged to go inside. She loves looking at all the random old toys and always finds some hidden treasure. I'm actually glad that she's o.k. with second hand toys and not too snobby for them. It makes the little hippie that lives inside my heart very proud and happy.

While we were there I was browsing all the glassware and something caught my eye. These darling drinking glasses with little raised relief bees on them. I didn't know anything about them, but they were $0.75 each and I liked them so I bought all four. When I got home, I googled the name on the bottom: La Rochere. Turns out, they are a french classic designed by the La Rochere Crystallerie in 1475...the oldest glass factory in France. The bees are called Napoleanic Bees and these reproductions sell for around $10 a piece. Not a bad find I'd say. And I love them.


Baby Man

Someone had a really great time taking the couch cushions off for some spring cleaning. And I'm pretty sure he ate a smashed raisin he found under the cushions 'cause when I went to vacuum it up, it was gone. Watching Connor jump on the couch and crack himself up when he gets so much air, might be the best thing in the whole wide world.



Internet, I just wanted to tell you that this week Baby Connor has started pointing a little. On purpose. And he's sharing bites of food with me. On purpose. And he showed me his ears and nose. And signed for more nuts, and stayed next to me while walking outside and didn't run away. He's had 2 clusters of tonic spasms this week and a couple absence seizures, but not too many, and not too intense. He's also pulling food down off the counter deliberately so he can eat it, and not just dropping it to the ground and letting it spill all over. It's pretty cool.


Miss Katie

Dear Miss Katie's Secret Admirer,

You are so cute and we just love you. Thank you for bringing Katie so many fun things over the last 10 days. What a pleasant surprise it's been for her to get some extra attention. I'm assuming whoever you are, that you know she's needed a lot of special attention lately. I'm happy to report that she's been doing fantastic! I was gone all last week, and she only had to have a lunch visit ONCE from grandma and was fine the rest of the week. She told me yesterday that she doesn't need any more lunch visits from me and I'm expecting she'll still feel that way tomorrow. I think she's felt extra love all around the last couple weeks, so Thank you, for contributing to that. I have a hunch or two who you might be, but I know you're not coming clean. And you have to know that out of everything fun in the world, Katie likes getting little presents most of all. She is a present/surprise kind of person all the way. So your show of love is right up her alley. Thank you. We love you.


The Tonight Show

Just want to let the world know that Neon Trees will be playing Jay Leno THIS Friday. Set your TiVo's!!!


Neon Trees On Tour

Are you coming to The Rail this Saturday in SLC to see Neon Trees and 30 Seconds to Mars?



Today Katie turned in her first big project of her elementary school career. She had to make a book of at least 10 jokes...complete with illustrations. She worked very hard on this over the last few weeks. She did some of the pages on the computer, and some of them by hand. Here are a couple of her computer illustrations. They are darling and I'm very proud of her hard work...with, seriously, almost ZERO help from me:

Ha! Ha! Ha!
That Was Funny.
By Katie Campbell

Why was the bacon laughing?

Because the egg cracked a yolk.

What do you get when you cross a duck with fireworks?
A firequacker.

Where does spaghetti go to dance?

The meat ball.

What did the hay stack say to the other hay stack?
Hay! Don't I know you?