29 Again

I liked my birthday very much. Bdog's roses got to me before he did and that was rad. Katie made me a bracelet with no help and I love it. Neon Trees played at my birthday party. Bdog took me out for a buffalo steak dinner and gave me the Burberry perfume I wanted. It was dreamy. I ate zucchini bread, got to fulfill my 6 year wish of camping for my birthday, washed my hands in sweet smelling soap, received about 25 cards in the mail from friends & family {including one from Elder Dad and Sister Mom}, and am going to enjoy sushi and a massage this week. Thanks for spoiling me everyone. I have the best homeys in the world.


Neon Trees

Neon Trees are opening for 30 Seconds To Mars this Saturday the 25th {my birthday} at UVU. You can get the deets and ticket/discount info here: MTV CAMPUS INVASION {click on the 25th!}

Neon Trees will play around 6 or 7. See you there!



I get really happy whenever I see this packaging:


Baby Man

I am not a big cry baby in normal life...except when it comes to this guy.
Yesterday Baby Connor started his special school and it just plain sucks. I know it's a total miracle that he gets to go here, and that it's the best thing in the world for him, but having him there all day makes me feel like someone chopped my leg off.

He rode the bus this morning and it was more than I can bear. Excuse me while I go throw up and cry.

He really likes Bob, the driver, and MaryKay, the aide. He RAN to the bus this morning he was so excited. They brought the bus over to our house a few days ago just so Connor could meet them and run around the bus and play on it. He knew exactly what to do when he saw it today.

He did great his first day, but seized a lot. His teachers did a good job keeping count, which I really appreciate. He's seizing there because he's in class doing therapy when he would normally be sleeping at home. The less sleep he gets, the more episodes he has. Poor little bubs finally fell asleep at the end of an episode for about 30 minutes. Good thing he'll sleep anywhere.

Hopefully he can adjust to this schedule and get used to not having 500 naps a day. He likes it there, which is great. But I'd so much rather have my little boyfriend with me all day, everywhere. Don't know if I can do this.


Meyer's Basil Soap

I'm not kidding when I say this is the best smelling hand soap of all time. I want to wash my clothes in it and use it as body wash and shampoo. I'm not going to, but I want to. 'Cause I want everything in my life to smell like this. And it's from Target. So it's cheap. And it's basil. And I love it.


I Live In The "All Interpol, All The Time" World

24 more hours til the new release. I have to come clean and admit that for the past couple months I've been listening to a horrible quality, bootleg download that leaked somewhere. It is unmixed and sounds like crap. So much so, that I wasn't sure I was liking what I heard. I felt even more disappointed when I saw the video for Lights. I didn't like it. I was scared that my love affair with Interpol was going to be interrupted by this album. I didn't want to have to forgive them for it. My pessimism was furthered when I watched the performance of Barricade on Letterman last month. I love the song, but had to admit that there is a serious loss of mojo without Carlos. Paul was unshaven. He's been wearing trucker hats at shows. His voice wasn't sounding strong. I can only attribute this to what must have been a bad breakup with Helena Christensen. I was having serious Interpol anxiety. Then I saw this:

...and I knew everything was o.k. Yes, Paul looks like he's mourning and in pain, but you know, Helena. So, they're back. They're 100%. It's all good. And October shows are almost here. Rock on.