Flight Of The Conchords

I know everyone in the world is obsessed with this show. And rightfully so...but are you as obsessed as Branden Campbell? So obsessed that while on our Wonderful Wilco Weekend in Denver, he politely declined an invitation by John Stirrat himself to stay longer at the after party and hang with the band? "No thanks," he said. "We're gonna head back to the hotel and catch Flight Of The Conchords. It's the last episode. Have you seen it?"

We laughed at Bdog the rest of the night for saying that. And also laughed while watching the show. Then it was business time.


Maudie Jane said...

This show has so changed my life, thanks for the introduction!

Vicki said...

Haven't seen it. Does that surprise you? What do you mean by, "Then it was business time?"

seerblogger said...

Wow, never watched it, I will go and check it out. Must be pretty fun to not want to chill longer with John- David A