Rock 'n Roll

Sat. night Em and I watched a sweet rock show from the v.i.p. loft at the Avalon Theatre.
Louis XIV - (a.k.a. Convoy II) They define the rock 'n roll band. They live it, they sweat it, they play it.
Hot Hot Heat - A great sing along band. The crowd was singing louder than the band at times. Very fun to watch. These guys have been around for a while now and deserve that kind of crowd.
Editors - Tight, tight, tight. Their sound was dialed in. Sonically they were great. They were a little darker than the other bands. If you like Joy Division or Interpol, check these dudes out.

But the best part was when Ronnie said, "Be right back." Then 1 minute later Louis XIV introduced him and he came out on stage to play guitar with them. Awesome.

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