Coal Umbrella

Look how cool Provo is. This is Coal Umbrella. It's more than a record store, more than a vintage boutique. My friends Maht and Liz Paulos - together with Jessie and Trevor Huish - have more than I thought up in that store. The custom light switch covers, cool books and calenders, Liz's custom jewelry, a place for Maht's vintage coats (which I always adored while playing music together at the Mathematics Etc... HQ) and of course an all vinyl selection of new records, I love it all. And I can't forget the patch collection. Too much cool stuff to list. Jessie makes the books and puts together the "gold" room while Trevor does all the vinyl - (and does a hell of a job i'd say). Just go there! And buy something. Come support locally owned businesses in downtown P-town. It's at 157 N. University Ave.

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