This Movie

Em and I have been watching this over the last few days. It's 4 hours long, so we had to spread it out..but it's totally addicting! This band is truely one of the greatest - EVER. This is a must see for any fan of rock 'n rolll. Some of my highlights: Mike Campbell's Rickenbacker electric mandolin; The beautiful collection of Gretsch guitars used during the Traveling Wilburys sessions; and Dave Grohl drumming with the Heartbreakers on SNL. And for the record, I think Echo is a great album. "Free Girl Now" and "Swingin" are some of my all-time fav Heartbreakers songs.

Em's highlights: Hearing Tom Petty say he get's Roy Orbison's autograph everyday; Remembering that Jimmy Iovine always sounds like he's on an SNL skit; And realizing that Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono do a better job singing Stories We Could Tell. She's addicted to Tom Petty again.


Beingandy said...

very cool hope i get to see it some day, glad to see what your up to.

m.ziontz said...

Tom Petty sounded really good at the Superbowl yesterday!